Bone Beads- (Spirit) by La Chance

With Bone Beads, the mystery of Africa unites with Nordic mythology. The bracelets are a selection of the original Spirit by La Chance models in camel leg pearls combined with the original La Chance parts.

With its roots in ancient Chinese culture, the Spirit collections are a symbol of happiness, good health and wealth. All jewelry in the Spirit collections bears the Chinese character for 3 stars.
The 3 stars symbolize the three most important Gods Fuk, Luk and Sau which together represent the three most important aspects of a good destiny; Happiness, good health and wealth.
Spirit jewelry should remind those who wear it that positive thoughts create synergy. In other words, smile at the world and the world smiles at you.
In the original Spirit collection, semi-precious stone beads are combined with the distinctive La Chance parts; The logo wheel with clear crystals and Spirit Ball that has drawn for the 3 Gods on the page.