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Mix2Match by La Chance

Story of La Chance

La Chance by Martina Banach

Wellcome to the universe of La Chance. Danish handmade jewellery. All our bracelets has strong stories behind them. Mostly from the Indian and Chinese storylands over 2000 years back.

If your not a believer, then perhaps you just want to be better looking than you neighbours.

In La Chance we want you to wear our bracelets most possible. Therefore if your not happy or still in love with you La Chance bracelet within the first 30 days, then La Chance will help you will switch to another La Chance bracelet (Same price scale) more for your liking.

La Chance has many beautiful bracelets- so if you want to wait, you can still change your La Chance bracelet into a La Chance Gift Card with the first 30 days of your purchase of the La Chance bracelet.