Jewelry Care - Enjoy your La Chance jewelry for a long time.

Always keep your La Chance jewelry in a box or in the packaging they came in.

Never put your La Chance jewelry in direct sunlight, the semi-precious stone pearls and the ceramic animals in the Happiness Bracelets lose their glow and the color fades. (EVERYTHING fades in sunlight)

La Chance jewelry does not tolerate cosmetics and perfumes, so never spray perfume directly on the jewelry and clean them if cosmetics have been put on them.

Extend the beautiful appearance of the jewelry by removing the dirt that accumulates on and between beads and jewelry parts.

Use only water to clean your La Chance jewelry. Various cleaning agents can damage the semi-precious stones and dissolve the glue the crystals are glued in with.

You can advantageously use a soft damp cloth to wipe the jewelery over with and when you go in between beads and jewelery parts, you can use kitchen roll or cotton swabs.

We recommend that you take off your La Chance jewelry when you sleep, sweat and bathe. If you want to keep them on, be aware that this helps to increase the wear and tear on your jewelry.

Do not expose La Chance jewelry to chlorinated water (swimming pools) or salt water, as this can bleach the semi-precious stone pearls and damage the jewelry pieces.

Remember that your La Chance jewelery, even though it may look very robust, is made of delicate and fine materials that do not withstand harsh treatment.

All metal parts are surface treated with either an IP Plating or a wet plating. An IP plating and a wet plating will eventually wear off. It is difficult to say with certainty how long the coating will last. Durability is affected by climate and by how the jewelry is treated as well as how much acid a person has on their skin.

You are always welcome to contact us at La Chance if you want to replace some worn jewelry parts. It is very important to us that you love your jewelry and go with them as much as possible.

Good luck with your La Chance jewelry!

Yours sincerely
La Chance