Precious metals in La Chance bracelets

When the Gold, Silver and Platinum metals are called precious, it is to emphasize that these metals are not attacked by atmospheric oxygen.
The precious metals usually retain their metallic luster, which means that they stay shiny.
The fact that silver must be polished is not due to oxidation but to attacks by hydrogen sulphide which are often contained in the air.
In Denmark, a piece of jewelery in precious metal must ALWAYS be stamped with the manufacturer's name stamp and with the durability (purity) of the precious metal, which in our jewelery is: 925 for Sterling silver, 585 for 14kt gold and 750 for 18kt gold.


Many pieces of jewelry are made of gold. The purest gold is called fine gold and is denoted 24 carats.
Fine gold is very soft, and in order to make jewelry, you have to alloy the fine gold with other metals such as silver, copper and palladium.

    18 carat stamped750 because 750/1000 of the alloy is pure gold
    14 carat is stamped 585 because 585/1000 of the alloy is pure gold
     8 carat is stamped 333 because 333/1000 of the alloy is pure gold

When you mix other metals with the fine gold, the color of the gold is also affected. A lot of copper, for example, makes gold red or pink.
If the gold is to be white, it is alloyed with palladium which makes the gold gray-white.
To achieve the right white gold color, you must therefore rhodium-plate the finished jewelery - ie galvanically give them a thin layer of rhodium, as a surface treatment.
This process must be reversed over time, as the rhodium layer wears in the same way as a gilding or IP Plating slides.
La Chance AUM jewelry is made in 14 kt gold, and can be made in 18 kt gold to order.

Silver alloyed with copper to 925 Sterling silver.

Sterling silver is stamped with 925 because 925/1000 of the alloy is pure   Silver.

La Chance AUM jewelry is made in Sterling silver.

Platinum, unlike Gold, is a white metal.
Platinum is a very rare and very expensive precious metal with great purity.
The difference between platinum and gold is not just color and price.
Everyone will be able to feel the difference in weight - Platinum has a greater density and is far heavier than Gold.
Platinum is stamped with pt and the durability (purity) is 950/1000.

La Chance can make platinum jewelry to order.