The meaning of colors - by La Chance

Many people believe that colors have an influence and that crystals and colored stones are especially powerful! Here are some of the meanings that colors have, and the energies that they contain in that stone. Here is an overview of the colors we have in our collection:

Silver - strengthens your connection between body and soul.

Gold - strengthens personal impact, enjoying life, good health and success.

White (agate, jade, howlite) - to remove clutter and obstacles, for a fresh start, to clear the brain and to act and think cleanly. Symbolizes purity and authenticity. Reverence, virginity, nothingness, cleanliness, calmness, humility, precision, innocence, youth, birth, kindness, marriage

Cream (bone, petrified wood) - represents the practical, reliable, conservative and loyal

Yellow (aragonite, jade) - represents intelligence, freshness and joy, happiness, optimism, idealism, imagination, hope. 

Khaki green (labradorite) - is a mixture of the colors dark green and dark blue.

Green (jade, agate, malachite) - represents ambition and hope, nature, environment, health, good luck, renewal, youth, vitality, generosity, fertility. 

Pink (pink quartz, rhodonite, quartz) - represents joy, sexuality, passion, sensitivity and loving

Pink (candyjade, quartz) - represents passion, play, warmth, sensual, joy and love.

Orange (carnelian, quartz) - represents pleasure, activity, energy, balance, warmth, enthusiasm, vitality, expansion, flamboyant

Red (jade) - represents energy, willpower, anger, courage and longing, excitement, passion, desire, speed, strength, power, warmth, love.

Turquoise (turquoise, jade) - represents that it creates peace and harmony. Turquoise color where there is more blue than green is also called aquamarine blue. This shade of turquoise represents inspiration, soothing and balancing for mind and emotion. 

Purple (amethyst, quartz) - represents and strengthens the connection between thought and action, royalty, nobility, spirituality, ceremony, mystery, transformation, wisdom and enlightenment.

Blue (lapis, quartz) - represents knowledge, power, integrity and seriousness, peace, tranquility, stability, harmony, unity, trust, truth, self-confidence, conservatism, security, cleanliness, order, loyalty, immortality, masculinity and protection. 

Light brown (bone, wood, tiger eye, jaspis) - represents kindness, friendliness, honesty, sincerity and authenticity, earth, home, outdoors, reliability, comfort, endurance, stability, simplicity, comfort, trees, nature

Dark brown (wood) - represents strength, earth, home, outdoors, reliability, comfort, endurance, stability, simplicity, comfort, trees, nature 

Grey (jade, jasper, agate) - represents the relaxing and soothing, security, reliability, intelligence, melancholy, modesty, dignity, maturity, solidity, functionality, old age and sorrow.

Black (onyx, obsidian, lava, wood) - represents the sophisticated, elegant and mysterious. Power, formality, elegance, wealth, mystery, depth, style.