Behind La Chance

Fair Trade

With a positive outlook on life comes an attitude of not harming either people or nature. We always choose the manufacturing process that is least harmful to nature and we make sure that none of our jewelry contains harmful substances.

We visit the factories that manufacture our jewelry parts to see for ourselves that the conditions are someone we can vouch for. Child labor is banned!

Where we can, we help and over time we have supported several causes, including Stop Violence, Support Haiti, Support the Breasts, the Fight Against Cancer, the Heart Association, the Hospital Clowns and we have worked against trafficking. We are always looking for new purposes to support and would love to hear from you if you think we can help.

Quality jewelry

All La Chance jewelery is nickel and lead free according to current EU rules.

In de La Chance jewelry that is not made of solid gold or silver, copper is used as the base and the jewelry surface is treated with an IP or a wet plating. An IP plating and a wet plating will eventually wear off. It is difficult to say with certainty how long the coating will last. Durability is affected by climate and by how the jewelry is treated as well as how much acid a person has on their skin.

The ceramic animals in the Happiness Bracelets are made of lead-free clay and are all hand-painted with lead-free paint. The paint will lose color over time as they are painted with nature friendly paint!

All pearls are gemstones or natural materials. They can naturally differ in color and structure from delivery to delivery. Likewise, both natural gemstones and colored stones can fade when exposed to sunlight and chemicals in everyday life (perfumes, creams, soaps, etc.)

Stones that have a rough surface will discolour more quickly than smooth stones, as particles can settle into the material. This applies to, among other things, bone beads, raw foam coral, lava stones, acid agate, raw jasper and more. Most often, the problem can be remedied with a gentle cleaning with a little sulfo on a soft toothbrush. Beware of metal parts with crystals, they can not withstand this treatment!

Neon Beads have a special rubber surface with fluorescent / neon particles. These will fade with time when exposed to daylight!

We only use crystals of the highest quality made of Bohemian crystal in the Czech Republic. These are lead free crystals that are fully cut and in top quality!
All crystals are hand-glued to the metal parts, and if there are repeated blows against a metal part, against a table, for example, the glue may crack over time and the crystal may fall out. This is normal wear and tear. We are happy to help glue new crystals in!

Karma jewelry

All La Chance jewelery is made by hand at our workshop in Charlottenlund, and we give each piece of jewelery positive energies and good thoughts along the way!

If you have a special wish, you are always welcome to contact us so that together we can find out to fulfill your wishes and needs.

Note, however, that La Chance jewelry is jewelry based on ancient philosophies and folk tales. La Chance merely passes on these, and can not guarantee that they will come true / function.

The jewelry is meant to be used as a tool to remind those who wear them to think positively and thereby change their outlook on life to a more positive view of all aspects of life. The jewelry is meant to act as an aid to self-help, via positive thinking.

The effect and healing properties of the gems are not documented, but merely further told stories found in the book "The Crystal Bible, A definitive guide to crystals, by Judy Hall" and on the Internet.

La Chance disclaims any responsibility for any stone purchased for healing and spiritual use. Click here if you want to read more about the gemstone's significance and healing properties.

Jeweler Martina S. Banach who is the creator of La Chance and the designer behind every single La Chance piece of jewelery, lives by her own philosophy.
La Chance is made of Martina's heart blood - she herself has gone through some difficult years with both illness and life crisis, and thanks to her philosophy, she survived the challenge of her life - but not enough of it; she came out stronger on the other side!

Martina is always willing to share her philosophy and thoughts, and will at all times be helpful in guiding you to which piece of jewelery will be the right tool for you, to achieve the goals and desires you have in life.

Martina lives by the motto: Treat others as you yourself want to be treated.

We hope you enjoy your La Chance piece of jewelry. If the opposite should happen, contact us! It is very important for Martina that you are happy with your La Chance jewelry.


By buying your La Chance jewelry here on the website, you are 100% sure that you are buying a REAL La Chance jewelry, and not a cheap imitation or illegal copy that is usually filled with lead and other prohibited materials.


The most loving greetings

Martina & La Chance