Be original, wear original! by La Chance

For more then 12 years, La Chance has been responsible for new and exciting designs, including the original Chinese Happiness Bracelet, as one of the greatest bestsellers ever in Danish history.

Unfortunately, greater success usually breeds pirated copies, which unfortunately has been no exception in La Chance's case.

 Owner and founder of La Chance, Jeweler Martina Banach. who is the designer and right holder of the Chinese Happiness Bracelet (the 12 zodiac animals) has fought a good fight against all illegal copies, which every time they have been tested at the state test center FORCE, have proven to be bursting with lead and miscellaneous other toxic materials !!

 Martina has felt very strongly in this case, as it’s often children who get the cheap copies as a gift - and children are extra exposed to lead poisoning!

 For some reason, there are many who do not believe that goods you buy in the Danish stores can be toxic - but the system is very very slow, and the boring truth is that unfortunately there are goods with both lead and nickel in Danish stores. Very often it’s appropriate that you get what you pay for.

 Therefore, it is very important as a consumer that you make sure that the jewelry you buy is produced under controlled conditions, with only approved materials, without child labor and other forms of poor working conditions.

 Martina had an international best seller with the 12 zodiac animals. But despite design rights and legal rights around her bracelet and design, Martina spent more time removing the copies from the international market than she spent on new exciting designs!

There were over 7 lawsuits against large Danish jewelry companies and fashion companies, all trying to make a quick buck on stealing an idea and a design - without copying our requirements for quality and materials, fair trade!

Martina Quote:

 "We bought one of all the copies, and got them tested - and all of them were" luminescent "toxic !! Scary and unacceptable !!

"Legally half of lead per part in a piece of jewelery is UNDER 100ppm - we found copies containing over 16,000ppm lead per part !!! We reported it to all instances .... but nothing happened!"

 The reason why Martina chose to spend lots of time and a fortune on an endless shoal of copies from the right and left side, was due to 3 important principles from Martina's side.

  1. All La Chance products are to be produced under fair trade conditions.

Martina S Banach has herself inspected working conditions, where she also only collaborates with major recognized manufacturers who do not compromise on their working conditions.

  1. Quality and service have always been at the top of La Chance's values.

That there are no harmful substances in the products, and that the quality requires minimal maintenance, and if the accident should be out, La Chance has always put a great virtue in repairing the bracelet quickly and at no cost to the customer (Within 2 years warranty)

This is because Martina Banach puts a lot of heart and thought into her jewelry and it is very important to her that the customer is happy with their jewelry and wears them!

  1. It has been difficult for Martina S Banach to watch as all the copies spread on the market, as she puts so much of herself into her products and service. She is very afraid that there is an ignorant customer who thinks they are carrying around a La Chance product, but instead walks around with a toxic piece of jewelery that breaks quickly, and the customer throws it away with the belief that La Chance is a less good product.

This fear, as well as the fact that Martina puts her heart's blood in her jewelery, has led Martina Banach to spot ugly copies for companies several times, offering the customer a free new La Chance bracelet. (All customers are now loyal La Chance customers).

 Based on the 3 points, La Chance has chosen to make a few but precise instructions on how you as a customer can know the real La Chance jewelry, so you as the customer can ensure the real brand that stands for innovative and timeless design at the same time. Including good service, quality and functionality. (fits all clothing styles)

 See the picture to the right.


1.  All La Chance jewelry has some specially designed metal parts with branding, which we produce ourselves.

 La Chance Logo wheels - available in 8mm and 10mm

2.  Spirit Ball with our Spirit Logo "Samsung" engraved. - available in Ø: 8mm, 10mm, 12mm and 14mm

3.  Crystal Ball - our handmade crystal balls with "La Chance" engraved on each side of the ball- available in Ø: 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm and 16mm

4.  Crystal wheels, fully molded in one piece with hand-held crystals all the way around.

(Cheap crystal wheels are typically made of 2 thin metal plates, glued together with crystals in between, which often fall apart after a short time)

 You are always welcome to contact us if you are unsure whether your jewelry is genuine or a copy.


With love

Martina Banach


Creator of La Chance