AUM- by La Chance

AUM is a mantra and it represents the three Hindu Gods who rule the universe. Brahma, the creator with the three heads. Vishnu, who is the main deity in most Hindu temples and who maintains the world order. Mahesh, also called Shiva, is the god who breaks down the old in order to make room for the new and budding.

The jewelry represents your PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE. It will remind you that YOU are creating your own future.
The decisions and choices you make now determine your future. You know everything you set out for!
The AUM jewelry helps you by constantly reminding you what it is you want and where you are going; so that it is easier to achieve your goal!
All AUM jewelry is handmade in 14kt gold or sterling silver with either diamonds, rubies or black diamonds.

We recommend that you attach a WISH or GOAL you want to achieve to your AUM bracelet.
You have to visualize it in front of you ... you almost have to be able to taste it!
This will result in that every time your eyes see the jewelry, your brain will detect the bracelet and your subconscious will remember what you have attached to the bracelet, and you will subconsciously be "reminded" of where you are going - so that you can more easily reach your goal or when the desire you have.