I Ching- by La Chance

The very special thing about the I Ching coin is its characteristic design. Circular with a square hole in the middle. The hole represents the earthly energy, while the circle symbolizes the energy of the sky.
The union of the earthly and the heavenly element is said to bring the owner of the coin economic prosperity, good health, and happiness. The design is also a picture that the world is constantly changing and moving. What keeps the process of change going is Yin and Yang, the dynamic balance between opposites.
The jewelery reminds the person wearing it to reflect on how one can and should act in different situations in life - and how one, through these choices, contributes to creating one's own progress and prosperity.

In China, it is said that whoever has an I Ching coin will always get money when the person needs it.
That's why all stores in China have an I Ching coin lying in the cash register!