Complaint & La Chance workshop

Dear Customer.

Should it be unfortunate that one of your LA CHANCE products needs a visit to the LA CHANCE workshop, simply do the following:

  • Take a copy of your receipt and attach it to the appropriate LA CHANCE jewelry.
  • Take a durable item of packaging, and send a receipt + jewelery if necessary. original packaging (If possible)
  • Please enclose a leaflet in the package describing what to do and your name, address and telephone number.
  • Send the package by registered mail so that it can be followed on "tracking" - this way the package can not disappear.
  • Please send an email to us at so that we know it is on its way.
  • We promise to take good care of your La Chance jewelry and fill it with good and positive energies :-)

If there are errors or defects in the item, you can complain to us at
You have a 2-year right of complaint from the day the item is received.

However, it is a prerequisite that these defects or deficiencies have not arisen as a result of incorrect use of the product or other harmful behavior that has led to the defect. Ordinary wear on a gold-plated item is not a defect in the product, but ordinary wear and tear.
You must complain within a reasonable time after you have established the defect. If you complain within 2 months, the complaint is always considered to be timely. We reserve the right to remedy a defect / replace with an undamaged item rather than pay the purchase price back. Ie. your item will be repaired, or you will receive a new item as a replacement for the one complained about, if your complaint is justified

Remember to save your receipt.

We will reimburse reasonable shipping costs that you may have in connection with the return of the item when the complaint is justified. When you want to advertise a product, it must be submitted to us at our address:

La Chance by Martina Banach
Ordrupvej 94, 1 tv
2920 Charlottenlund, Denmark

If you have an item you send back, call or send us an email so we know it is on its way.

When you return the item, please provide a description of the defect.
Please note - we do not accept packages sent to us per. cash on delivery or otherwise.
Always remember to send the item back in proper packaging, and get a receipt for shipment so that we can refund you your costs.

Good luck!

La Chance